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Kihon: Muso Dori Henka

Torite Kihon Gata Goho

Muso Dori: Ganseki Otoshi and Ori

The attacker grabs the right lower sleeve.  With the right leg, step back to isolate the attackers arm; step forward into hook, and capture the attackers arm in muso dori.  Step in front of the attacker , while maintaining muso dori, turn 180 degrees and sweep nearest leg to throw attacker on his head.  The Ori version: do not sweep; instead walk backwards through the leg to throw attacker on their back.  Maintain zanshin/situational awareness.

What you will learn today:

  • An evil version of Ganseki Nage in Otoshi.
  • Learn to use Ganseki Ori when Ganseki Nage or Otoshi goes wrong.
  • Check off all Ganseki versions from the check list!




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Kihon: Muso Dori Henka
Later Event: November 2
Kukishinden Ryu: Tatsunami