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Seoi Nage

Te-waza: Hand technique

Seoi Nage: One arm shoulder throw

Attacker takes hold of you with kumi uchi.  Start by breaking the attackers balance (kuzushi), then step in with the right leg and turn to your left to fit your right shoulder under the attackers right underarm.  Take hold of the right arm and lock elbow straight, twist to the left and complete seoi nage.  Maintain zanshin/situational awareness.

What you will learn today:

  • A shoulder throw applied to one arm.
  • How to counter/defend against this throw.
  • How to "trap" an attacker into this throw.
  • When/how to properly apply it in a real life encounter.
  • Learn the root of this throw lies in muso dori.
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Seoi Nage
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Morote Seoi Nage