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Kihon: Musha Dori Henka

Te-waza: Hand technique

Onikudaki: Crushing the Demon

The attacker grabs the right sleeve with their left hand.  Pull the right arm together with the body to the right.  Step in with the left leg, and place hand under the attackers elbow.  With the right arm, place it between yourself and the attackers grabbing arm and lock your hands together.  Step out locking shoulder, twist and throw.  Maintain zanshin/situational awareness.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the fundamental movements, and principle of musha dori.
  • Learn a variation of musha dori in onikudaki.
Earlier Event: November 20
Kihon: Musha Dori
Later Event: November 22
Kihon: Musha Dori Henka