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Kihon: Musha Dori Henka

Torite Kihon Gata Goho

Kihon: Musha Dori

The attacker grabs the right sleeve with their left hand.  Pull the right arm together with the body to the right.  Wrapping over the arm with a sufficiently large motion, kick the right knee as you take the arm in a lock to throw the opponent.  The opponent falls face upward.

We will be continuing with Onikudaki, and learn the counter to it also.  Then we will learn the counter to the counter Temakura.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the fundamental movements, and principle of musha dori.
  • Learn the counter to the technique.
  • Learn the counter to the counter.
Earlier Event: November 21
Kihon: Musha Dori Henka
Later Event: November 23
NO CLASS: Thanksgiving