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Osoto Gake

Osoto Gake: Major Outer Clipping

The attacker grabs you forcefully with both arms; one to the lapel, and the other to the sleeve.  Receive the attack by keeping your feet under you, and keeping a straight back; left hand covers the hand grabbing the lapel, right hand to the chest.  With the left foot, step to the outside of the attackers right leg and at the same time apply a strong boshi ken to the left side of the attackers neck.  Use your right leg to clip the attackers right hip, and complete the throw by pressing toward the attackers weak line.  Maintain zanshin / situational awareness.

What you will learn:

  • How to deal with kumiuchi -- the judo tie up.
  • Learn not to fight conventionally in the judo tie up.
  • Learn how to boshi properly.
  • Learn how to survive a strong osoto gake throw.
Earlier Event: November 30
Morote Seoi Nage
Later Event: December 6
Osoto Gake