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"The Kihon Happo is the foundation of all martial arts."

~Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

Translated as "the eight fundamental principles", the Kihon Happo is the foundation that the Bujinkan fighting arts is built from.


The Kihon Happo is broken down into two sets:

  1. Koshi Sanpo Gata (Striking Patterns)

    • Ichimonji no kamae (First Posture)

    • Jumonji no kamae (10 Posture Posture)

    • Hicho no kamae (Flying Bird Posture)

  2. Torite Kihon Gata Goho (5 Hand Manipulation Patterns)

    • Omote Gyaku (Outside Wrist Twist)

    • Omote Gyaku Tsuki (Outside Wrist Twist with a Punch)

    • Ura Gyaku (Inside Wrist Twist)

    • Musha Dori (Capture the Warrior)

    • Muso Dori (Twin Warrior Capture)


Without a grasp of these principles a student of the martial arts is forced to memorize techniques and becomes trapped in the forms. By embodying these principles, a warrior is free to invent and can adapt to situations on demand. They are the keys to mastery.


Join us for an intensive look at the Eight Fundamental Principles of Bujinkan Taijutsu as taught by Shihan Bill Stegner. This will be our last training of the year and we will celebrate after at the dojo Bonnenkai.

Family is welcome.

12-4pm on December 16th.

Seminar Cost for R5 &BTSD San Diego members: $0 (included in membership)

Cost for non-members: $55/person

Dinner will be 6-9pm

Cost for Dinner: $25/person

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Later Event: January 3
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