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Gyokko Ryu: Keo

Gyokko Ryu

Keo: Settling Seagull

The attacker grabs the lapel with both hands.  Kick up into the attacker's gedan with the right shin; at the same time, strike downward from above into both of the attacker's hands to break his grip.  The attacker punches with the right hand.  Block with the left arm and strike the attacker's right kasumi with a right ura shuto, then kick the attacker's chest with the right leg.  The attacker falls back.  Maintain situational awareness.

What you will learn today:

  • Defense against a double lapel grab.
  • Strikes: Tsuki, lead punch (jab), lead kick, shuto, Jodan uke
  • Ukemi: Ushiro ukemi (back break fall), Ushiro nagare (backwards flow/roll)



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