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Gyokko Ryu: Gyakuryu

Gyokko Ryu

Gyakuryu: Reverse Flow

The attacker comes in with a right punch; take a step to the left, and receive the right punch.  The attacker kicks with the right leg; defend by kicking under the attacker's kick, and take the attacker's right arm into omote gyaku with the left hand.  The attacker comes in with a left punch to the suigetsu; receive the punch with the right arm, and quickly strike the attacker's left side of the neck with a right shuto.  The strike done properly should send the attacker falling; before the attacker hits the ground, apply omote gyaku to excelerate the fall.  Kick the attacker with the left foot, and maintain situational awareness.

Things you will learn:

  • Omote gyaku
  • Jodan uke, chudan uke, keri kaeshi
  • Omote shuto, zenpo keri, tsuki


Earlier Event: March 21
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Later Event: March 25
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