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Gyokko Ryu: Teiken

Gyokko Ryu

Teiken: Hoof Punch

The attacker comes in from behind and applies a hagai jime (pinion lock; similar to a full nelson).  Drop the hips and extend both arms, then grab both his palms with your hands reversed, and push your thumbs on the back of the attacker's hands.  Extend your arms out, slip out to the left, and the attacker will fall back.  With only the right hand, throw in kata te nage.  Kick in with the right foot and maintain situational awareness.

Things you will learn today:

  • How to apply a proper pinion lock, and how to escape it.
  • Omote gyaku, and the variation kata te nage.
  • Yoko tobi ukemi
Earlier Event: April 11
Osoto Gake / Yoko Nagare
Later Event: April 15