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Kihon: Musha Dori


Musha Dori: Warrior Capture

The attacker grabs the right sleeve with the left hand.  Step off with right leg, and isolate the left arm.  Step to your left foot with the right foot and free your elbow over the top of the attacker's arm.  Apply pressure to the attackers elbow after freeing your elbow and step to the left with your left foot to apply a lock on the attacker.  Yoko aruki to the side of the attacker and kick out his leg to drop him to the floor.  Maintain situational awareness.

Things you will learn:

  • Musha Dori, Onikudaki, Temakura
  • Ura shuto, tsuki, zenpo keri
  • Yoko ukemi
Earlier Event: March 25
Belt Evaluations
Later Event: March 30
Weapon Night: Katana