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Gyokko Ryu: Ujaku

Gyokko Ryu

Ujaku - Black Magpie

The attacker punches with the right hand. Shift to the left with one step and block with the right arm, then quickly hook the opponent's sleeve and pull.  The attacker comes in with a right kick.  Receive the kick with the right leg in yoko keri, then immediately with the right hand that is holding the right sleeve lift the attacker's armup, then strike into the attacker's right side with a left boshi.  At the same time, wrap the attacker's right arm and move to the attacker's left side.  Take the attacker's wrist with the left hand and throw.  The attacker will fall back.  Kick in with the right foot, and maintain situational awareness.

Earlier Event: April 18
Seoi nage / Ippon Seoi Nage / Tomo nage
Later Event: April 22