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Kukishinden Ryu: Kiri Age Sayo Gyaku (Katana)

Kukishinden Ryu: The Nine Demon Gods School


Kiri Age Sayo Gyaku

Attacker is in daijodan no kamae and you are in hasso no kamae.  The attacker cuts at you with shomen giri; defend by stepping sideways to the right, then cut with a migi gyaku kesa giri while allowing the left foot to swing back to shift offline.

Fundamentals you will learn:

  • Kamae: Daijodan, hasso
  • Attacks/cuts: shomen giri, kesa giri, tsuki
    • Shomen giri and kesa giri are both downward cuts.
    • Tsuki is a thrust.
  • Learn to just be out of range of the attack, and at the perfect distance to attack.


Earlier Event: January 12
Later Event: January 25
Kihon: Omote Tsuki