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Gyokko Ryu: Danshu

Gyokko Ryu: The Jeweled Tiger School

Danshu: The bouncing fist.

The attacker takes the right sleeve with the left hand.  Instantly pull the right hand back, and rotate the right hand to the right, creating a gyaku on the attackers left arm. The attacker punches with the right arm, block with the left arm and strike into the attackers neck with an ura shuto.  With the right leg, kick the attackers left leg to break, and throw the attacker on their back.  Kick down into the attackers side with the right foot, and maintain situational awareness.

Things you will learn:

  • Muso dori (henka)
  • Ura shuto, omote shuto
  • How to break the knee


Earlier Event: February 9
Black belt class
Later Event: February 21
Kihon: Jumonji no Waza